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Companies may choose to build internal talent with this method or hire folks with the core competencies required for specific roles.


Over 25 years of clinical research and coaching experience together with brain science and scalable technology are the foundation of PX-12. 

Growth minded individuals, talent management and recruiting experts, as well as executive and life coaches use Think-X’s patented diagnostic together with our technology assisted coaching and human capital consulting. By identifying and developing more productive thinking patterns, individuals and teams overcome cognitive barriers that otherwise prevent desired business and personal outcomes.

Using the Discover Assessment – Measuring performance thinking capabilities of talent – delivers root source analytic performance thinking capabilities mapping and measuring 12 Human Potential Indicators (HPIs) in as little as 10 minutes online.  Clients will receive a personalized report, a video explaining your results, and coaching tips for immediate improvement regardless of role or employee type.


  1. Provides performance thinking and predictive productivity for all your talent
  2. Identifies exacts areas for performance improvement.

NeuroPerformance Coaching – Our science can isolate and benchmark your very best performers. The PX-12 tool can then create top performer templates for real time comparison to job applicants. Know you are getting the right candidate and based on proven successes within your company and culture.


  1. Provides a metric of top talent productivity thinking for all positions
  2. Custom behavioral interviewing questionnaire gets to the hot spots in interviewing.
  3. Proven hire system for hiring only top talent with 90% success rate for any position.


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