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Joining our mastermind community is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Our membership tiers are based on the lifecycle stage and goals of your firm.

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How We Think

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Utilize ground breaking tools from neuroscience to land larger clients and serve more people!

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Cracking The Rich Code Show 

Join us on our new show for authors of Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington's Cracking The Rich Code Series.  Let us help you springboard your marketing with video interviews designed to help you get the message out into the new digital WFH environment!

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Great Sales People

Are Hard To Find

We help you identify, hire, onboard, and develop sales professionals with the right mindsets and skillsets needed to win in todays virtual sales/hybrid/work from home environment. 

Replicate your top 10% OR build a team of Champs today!

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Implement the right strategy at the right time for your business.

Create your video strategy and learn how to springboard your business using the latest sales tactics in video sales and digital marketing outreach.

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