How Your Digital Transformation Creates Your Agility (Part 2 of 3)

biz digital transformation growth it technology Dec 13, 2023

Evan Sanchez & Paul Luibel, our Digital Transformation Expert, provide solutions to large IT stacks/systems & the stranglehold of their sunk-cost fallacies. 

Part 2 (3:15) in this 3-part series covers just how much of an Enterprise IT stack goes unused by the end-users. AND HOW to put yourself in a position to make informed consent to a vendor that's going to build IT solutions for you.

Transcription provided below if you would prefer to read rather than have A/V on.


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EVAN SANCHEZ: You know, I love that because one of the things that I've always heard is that we typically inside organizations, let's take Microsoft Office Suite.

Most companies only use 10 to 20% of the capability inside of a Microsoft Office Suite.

Same thing goes with a Salesforce.

Same thing goes with the ServiceNow.



EVAN SANCHEZ: We only work with what we need each day, but if we don't really know of the next level of where we're going, we don't know to seek out that information.

So, if we're talking about coaching, coaching supports capability development as well as adoption, which means that I've got to identify where we're going and the capabilities that we don't have today, but what we need to support in the future, whether that be for…



… people - process - technology.

That's the digital transformation key, right?

I've got to be able to fill those gaps so that we can do it better, faster, cheaper. And now you have AI and chat bots and all these things that have hit in 2023.

What are you doing to respond to those types of things?


PAUL LUIBEL: Well, again, we rethink it. We put the client in a position to draft really what…



… is going on and what the strategic and tactical imperatives are in the work group, in the department, in the function, in the alliance.

So, we need to continue to rethink and reframe what we're doing and what information we need to accomplish our objectives.

Just start with those two simple principles.

  1. What are we doing?
  2. And what information do we need?



Do not go out to vendors and look at vendors to answer those two questions.

Those two questions should be answered internally.

Then you can explore vendor solutions that might map to what those two questions have answered for you.

That framework, that understanding creates the ability to then procure the information systems you need.



Do not let the vendors lead.

You need to grab an understanding, you need to be coached, you need to see these strategic and tactical imperatives, and then you need to inform your coaches as to what your business is evolving to. They can then elevate you.

Now you're in a position to make informed consent to a vendor that's going to build the solutions for you. And again…



… as a practical agile way, take that methodology and start small and focused.



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