Imposter Syndrome is the IMPOSTER (Not You)!

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Imposter Syndrome is the BIGGEST deception we play on ourselves.  So, why do we do this to ourselves?

Here are the main causes and how to kick it to the curb for good:

📌 High expectations & unrealistic standards for oneself 
📌 Perfectionism
📌 Comparison
📌 Taking failure personally, so then one has a…
📌 Fear of failure
📌 Over-reliance on receiving praise

Now, here's how we get rid of it together:

📌 Recognize and acknowledge feelings of inadequacy are common.
📌 Reframe negative thoughts with more positive and realistic affirmations.
📌 Set realistic goals with bite-sized ones framed as action-steps.
📌 Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist.
📌 Celebrate successes no matter how small.
📌 Practice self-compassion.
📌 Keep a SMILE FILE or a success journal.
📌 Focus on learning and growth as part of the journey and goal.
📌 Limit comparisons
📌 Embrace imperfection because perfection is ALWAYS the enemy of success.

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