How Elite Athletes are Changing the Game for CEOs (Part 1 of 6)

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Best Corporate Coaches? Elite Athletes

Evan Sanchez & Peter Hammer, our Peak Performance Strategist, provide mindset solutions of elite athletes to anyone in a corporate leadership position.  Join us for this 6-part series to find out how the best executive coaches are actually those who are elite performance athletes.

Part 1 (3:33) in this 6-part series introduces us to Peter and his athletic performance background.

Transcription provided below if you would prefer to read rather than have A/V on.


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EVAN SANCHEZ: Welcome back. Welcome to Springboard Your Biz TV. I'm excited to bring a new format to you to introduce you to some of the new and exciting coaches that we have here at Springboard Consulting.

I'm Evan Sanchez, I'm your host, and I'm also the CEO of Springboard Consulting and Springboard Your Biz.

Our coaches that we're gonna be bringing to you are really unique, and they all are specializing in our NeuroPerformance Coaching, and they're gonna show you not just who they are…



… and what they've done and what they've learned, but also show you what's new and exciting and why we're excited to be here today.

So, I'm looking forward to showing you all of our new tricks and talking to you with all of our new coaches and getting this kicked off.

The first coach I'd like to introduce you to is Peter Hammer.

Peter Hammer and I have been friends and colleagues for a few years now, and I'm very grateful to all the things that he has taught me and my son, my family.



And, I've seen him mentor and coach a lot of young athletes.

So, I'm going to let him introduce what he does and kind of what he's been up to because it's all exciting stuff.

And I just want to say this, this guy is going to be in the Olympics.

Peter, what have you been up to these days?

PETER HAMMER: Thank you, Evan. I have been up to a lot. I moved up to Stillwater, Oklahoma from Dallas.



And, now I'm training under the Cowboy RTC in Stillwater. That's where Oklahoma State wrestles out of. So, I have a lot of…

EVAN:  That’s the regional training center for wrestling. Correct?

PETER: That is correct. Yep.

EVAN: So, there wasn't anybody good enough in Dallas / Fort Worth for you to wrestle? You had to go up to Oklahoma for competition, right?

PETER: Well, it wasn't that they weren't good enough in the groups that I was with. I was, I was capped.

So, people closer to my weight, they weren't available. So I had to “wrestle up” a weight class [sic] and that… that…



… put me in a position where I was more prone to injury. So, I had to find an alternative to that solution.

And so, with the status of the guys wrestling at Oklahoma State, one of them being a Silver Medalist in Tokyo, in my weight class, I had to see what opportunities lined up there for me.

So, I got in touch with Coach John Smith, and he opened the doors for me to do that.

So, I was very, very grateful, very blessed.



EVAN: So, you know now you can see why Peter is one of our coaches. He exemplifies that of the corporate athlete. I mean he's chasing olympic dreams…

and oh, yeah, by the way when you're chasing olympic dreams, people aren't just…

You know pouring out all kinds of cash for you because you're a professional athlete.

This is something where you also have to work in order to live your dream. And, that's why I like working with Peter and really kind of supporting his journey and his dreams…



… because that bleeds over, right?

That bleeds over into coaching. We learn from the people that we coach, and then they learn from us and the things that we're all doing together in our life.

And, I think that somebody who has the drive and the ambition to go for something, to have an Olympic dream, they certainly know how to think big.



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