About Us

I formed Springboard Your Biz as a strategic partnership during the events of 2020.  Shelter-in-Place and past Work-from-Home strategies severely impacted the new chaotic business environment.  

We as partners created innovative methods for Marketing and Sales to catapult our clients ahead of their less nimble competition.  

Springboard Consulting, Erika Warfield, and Sync Lab Media are committed to guiding your transition to the new normal, so that you can dominate your vertical.

Our Business-Transformation Consulting and Coaching Services elevate individual and organizational performance by focusing on growth strategies centered around:

  1. People 
  2. Process
  3. Video and
  4. Technology

We meet companies at their level of maturation.  Then, we springboard them to success by identifying the high-gain opportunities that produce 50%+ financial growth. 

Erika Warfield, specifically, brings “The Forgotten Trifecta to Strategic Growth” along with Professional Hosting and Social-Selling skills, knowledge, and processes.  

When you overhaul your current system with her little-known hat trick…

❖ You’re going to move straight through gatekeepers with ease.

❖ You’re going to get direct access to high-level B2B decision makers.

❖ You’re going to see your sales cycle shorten.

❖ And, you’re going to watch your recurring revenue grow.

Without Fail. 

Every. Single. Time.