About Us

Our purpose is to bring peace of mind to your workplace or home.  We supply the highest quality disinfectant products and sanitizing services designed to fit your budget and needs.   With the recent events of 2020, we combined our industry experience, servant leadership, and access to EPA registered cleaning products and services to help safeguard our communities. 

Our expertise is complemented by our relationships in commercial laundry, construction, power & solar lighting, as well as extensive operational and service excellence consulting experience.  We are driven to help re-build the economy and help safeguard the workplace and home.

We hold professional training certifications from ISSA and GBAC for disinfecting and cleaning viruses including, COVID-19.

Our expertise is guided by the GBAC Protocol:

  1.  Incident Site Risk Assessment - Quality Control
  2. Pre-Disinfect
  3. Load Reduction
  4. Forensic Cleaning
  5. Professional Disinfection
  6. Post Site Assessment - Quality Control